Did Schaffer 

Artistic direction, Choreographer
Raumflucht Group

«I take space as a point of reference in terms of content in order to show the people who move in it in all their sensuality, vulnerability and power.»


FRONT – SIDE BARCELONA, Dance – Film production in Barcelona, Film installation at Dance festival Winterthur, BETA Festival Bern.

RAUMFLUCHT LABOR, Performances im öffentlichen Raum Zürich, CONNECT, Duo: SUMUS, Solo: SUCHEN WISSEN WAS Bern, Galerie offspace victoria

PANTA RHEI Irchel Car Park Performance, «insight_out» Research for new production, Film istallation at Pop up Dance Space, Winterthur

PASSAGE at Tanzhaus Zürich and at BETA Tanzfestival, Bern
TERRA & Passage, Kulturplatz Wetzikon

PASSAGE Solo-Version Galerie, offspace Victoria Bern

PASSAGE Film production at the construction site of the new Tanzhaus Zürich

KLANG DER STILLE, staging with movement, singing, organ, percussion and light with a capella Choir Zurich, Grossmünster Zurich

DIALOG, Film installation & solo dance with M. Meier

RAUMFLUCHT IN SALZBURG, Dance – Film production of «Dialog»

TERRA, Camera E. Gröpl, Dance Theresa Moser and Ladina Ambauen.

RAUMFLUCHT IN BERLIN, Film installation at Atelier colorant, Zürich 

RAUMFLUCHT IN BERLIN, Dance-film project in Berlin

HAUT und HÜLLE with Raumflucht group, Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon

JUGENDSTIL-HAUSPERFORMANCE in Zürich, with Gruppe Raumflucht

SEIL-DUO with Milena Meier, Kunstraum «Mi», Thayngen

BLICK-RHEIN-BLICK, Tanzfest Basel with Gruppe Raumflucht

RAUMFLUCHT-TRILOGIE:  3 short films with Etienne Gröpl (Camera) (Im Rohbau / Im Grünen / Am Wasser)

TURM-PERFORMANCE with Raumflucht group, Performance series Oerlikon

SACRE with «entre deux», Did Schaffer and Saskia Lampert at various parks in the city of Zurich


ZUISKEN «entre deux» DVD with Did Schaffer, Saskia Lampert & Stefane Kleeb (Camera)

DUO «entre deux» with Did Schaffer, Saskia Lampert

DAHAR Dance production
DAHAR Videofilm in Mauritania with Raumflucht group

MOIRA Solo with rope

TAUWETTER Performance at an empty water reservoir


WASSERGARTEN with Raumflucht group

FIGUREN IM KONTRAST Video project at the Zurich School of Arts

Professional activity

Choreographer at the Raumflucht group

Lecturer at the Zurich school of Arts «Körper-Raum-Bewegung»

Lessons in improvisation Private lessons in kinetic energy

Choreographic accompaniment of the a capella choir Zurich

Assistance in the project «spring» by Royston Maldoom, Maag Halle Zurich

Dance duo «entre deux» with Saskia Lampert

Psychomotor Therapist, Part time


Choreography training course with Joanna Mendl Shaw

Choreography, several summer schools, Künstlerhaus Boswil with Doris Rudko

Singing lessons with Susanne Huber, choir director and music teacher

Yoga with children course, with Ursula Salbert

Motion analysis course, with Cary Rick

Psychomotor Therapist course, HfH Zurich

Dance coaching: modern dance with Derek Linton, Simone Forti, Noemi Lapzeson, ballet with Miklos Bognar, placement with Katharina Adiecha

Aikido with Kiroku Fukutome

Performer in several experimental music theater projects with sound artist Andres Bossard, light artist D. Zehnder

Kindergarten teacher degree, Bern