Group Raumflucht
architecture - dance - group

With my group, I stage rooms and environments, turning their true dimension into an experience. It is my concern to shape the poetry, life and the silence of places into a performance event.

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The relationship between figure and surroundings creates tension. Did Schaffer’s aim is to, through dance, express what is really human. The abstract space would be dead without this human.

Inner world - outer world. A sound is not just a tone. What does it trigger? 
A movement is not simply a movement. What triggers it?

Power relationships arise from clear lines and symmetries. Orientation. Validity. In it the dance as a story. Did Schaffer seeks reduction: the lone dancer, turning in the sunlight-flooded shell. Views and shadows, always different.

Milena Meier
Xenja Füger

Changeable crew
depending on project

Theresa Moser
Carina Neumer
Ladina Ambauen
Rudi Natterer
Oriana Bräu-Berger
Stefanie Olbort
and more…

Etienne Gröpl (until 2018)
Ida Schmieder (since 2019)

The collaboration with Etienne Gröpl forms an important basis and expansion of the formal language of Group Raumflucht, which has been reinterpreted by Ida Schmieder since 2019.