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Front-Side Barcelona

The group Raumflucht uses Barcelona's architecture as a backdrop; 6 squares and museums are transformed into a "film stage". With a group of dancers from Barcelona, Did Schaffer translates the theme of resilience into dance. Resilience, joie de vivre as a manifesto for the challenges of today. The Trailer shows an excerpt from the 13-minute film, which is presented as a loop. Front-Side is shown as a film projection on various house walls as a film installation; on museums, modern houses or simply on a row of houses. Performances are also planned in Barcelona

Die Gruppe Raumflucht verwendet Barcelonas Architektur als Kulisse; 6 Plätze und Museen verwandeln sich zur «Filmbühne».  Mit einer Gruppe von Tänzer*innen aus Barcelona setzt Did Schaffer das Thema Resilienz tänzerisch um. Widerstandskraft, Lebensfreude als Manifest zu den Herausforderungen von heute.

Künstlerische Leitung    Did Schaffer

Tanz    Andrea Abascal, Iby Baeza, Noé Ferey, Eira Riera, Vanessa Spöri, Mira Urbassek, Andréa Vibert.

Kamera    Nicolas Impiña

Sound design     Atlaz, Karim Benachma


Projection at the Tanzfest Winterthur