Aktion Flughafen Kiesgrube

Raumflucht Aktion Flughafen Kiesgrube

A new spatial experience

A journey takes visitors by bus to the action areas. Choreographed movement sequences in the airport check-in hall, including three large escalators, lead the audience to a new kind of perception of dance in space. The fact that the flight passengers become involuntary extras in this Raumflucht choreography creates tension with an extremely strong effect.

The performance journey continues to the huge hills of gravel. The rolling noise caused by the dancers, the rhythms of the drummer and the movement actions are the best prerequisites for the various possible solutions of this performance.

Location Kloten Airport and a gravel pit somewhere in Eastern Switzerland

«Did Schaffer, known for concept art in the dance scene for a long time, knows how to stage these elements carefully. For the participants in this unique performance evening, it was an art experience of high artistic value.»

Tanz der Dinge

Did Schaffer

Elisabeth Bühler

Regula Sonderegger
Marcel Meier
Doris Baschnagel
Silvi Kuster
Carmen Patricia