Tanzperformance im Jugendstilhaus

Tanzperformance im Jugendstilhaus

The secret of the Art Nouveau villa lives on in the characters of the dancers

Clair de Lune
To look for ... to wait
danced thoughts, dreams and memories interwoven
with poems by J. Eichendorf and R. M. Rilke.

Tanz der Grazien
Woman ... bewitched
Sensuality, ornamental embellishment and images of women from Art Nouveau form points of reference to this dance.

Be-zaubern und Er-warten
... the circle closes
Dance stories interweave and contrast in the now.

Raumflucht as a guest in an Art Nouveau villa

Did Schaffer

Yann Tiersen, Claude Debussy
Jun Miyake, Mix: Did Schaffer

Christian Glaus

Milena Meier
Ladina Ambauen
Thomas Péronnet
Flurina Schaub