RF in Berlin

Raumflucht in Berlin

Did Schaffer was with the Raumflucht group in Berlin.
The result was a film installation, a story.

Once upon a time there were people who dreamed of heaven on their earth, of the harmony that put a stop to all adversities of their clan. They set out to find the gateway to heaven. In doing so, they came up against boundaries that seemed insurmountable, but they did not shrink back. Whenever they lost their orientation, they would return home to their temple to look for an all-encompassing order that would show them the way to the gate of heaven. Then gardens full of joy and sensuality appeared to them. They climbed mountains and were blinded by the light of the sun and in the end they did not know whether the exit they had found was dream or reality.

Film, Raumflucht in Berlin

Did Schaffer

Did Schaffer, in Zusammenarbeit mit den TänzerInnen

Etienne Gröpl

Sound Mix: Stefan T. Ceplevicius, Did Schaffer
Kompositionen: Hauschka und Vivaldi

Milena Meier
Ladina Ambauen
Rudi Natterer
Verena Steffen
Manuela Risch
Elena Berogg
Franzisca Schaub